MMT is a group of amateur performers who enjoy getting together, making music and having fun.

Monmouth Music Theatre, formerly known as Monmouth Operatic Society, was formed in 1988. We originally performed Gilbert & Sullivan, and over the years have presented most of their operettas. We have now widened our scope and performed Die Fledermaus, Merry Widow, Oklahoma, Calamity Jane and Annie Get Your Gun, My Fair Lady and Me & My Girl.

We perform one major show a year, usually in April, and then minor shows or concerts in the autumn. Our concerts are varied and have ranged from 'A Night at the Opera', consisting of well known opera solos and choruses, to 'Magic of the Musicals', consisting of many popular songs from such shows as Grease, Les Miserables, West Side Story and many more.

We meet every week, why not contact us or drop by. You will be made very welcome.

The Monmouth Music Theatre is a Registered Charity (No: 1154731) and is affiliated with National Operatic & Dramatic Association. You can also support the MMT by using EasyFundraising when you shop online.


Our Next Show:
We will perform "Guys and Dolls" from 3rd to 6th April 2019.

"When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky, you can bet he is doing it for some doll!"

Nothing much has changed in the last 70 years! Yes, 70 years, but, essentially, what we have here, set against the gambling culture of 50's New York, is two very different love stories.

Those awful Prohibition years are well in the past now, but there are still some remnants from those days looking for action and cash, albeit of a less 'racy' nature. This provides a perfect opportunity for Nathan Detroit to carve out an easy income, merely providing venues and opportunities for them to lose their money to each other! Low risk and safety - that's his policy - and that's true of his relationship with Adelaide too. Engaged for 14 years because he's too scared to commit! And yet he couldn't bear to lose her. So she has to accept what he is capable of giving and wait for her man to grow up!

What is needed is a catalyst - and Sky Masterson breezes into town! Now here's a free spirit if you like! No lowrisk strategies for him! Never afraid to gamble huge amounts on bets that he regards as worth the risk, and not bothered by emotions that get in the way. And then he meets a 'doll' - a doll unlike any he has met before - and his whole world is turned upside down! As is hers! When opposite worlds collide! Something else that hasn't changed in the last 70 years!

So...while we wait for the inevitable to happen - to both couples - let's enjoy the sparkling wit and brilliant songs that remain as fresh today as when they were written. We are guaranteed to leave the theatre chuckling and singing, especially after joining in with the final number! And we will certainly be agreeing with the sentiment: "Luck be a lady tonight!"

Click on the images below to view photos and posters from our previous productions...

2018 - HMS Pinafore

2018 - Sister Act

2017 - Helly, Dolly!

2016 - The Mikado

2016 - The Wizard of Oz

2015 - Pirates of Penzance

2015 - Kiss Me, Kate

2014 - When Worlds Collide

2014 - Oliver!

2013 - It's a Musical World

2013 - Anything Goes

2012 - Trial by Jury (The Untold Story)

2012 - Me & My Girl

Full List of Past Productions:

2018: Sister Act | HMS Pinafore

2017: Hello, Dolly!

2016: The Wizard of Oz | The Mikado

2015: Kiss Me, Kate | Pirates of Penzance

2014: Oliver! | When Worlds Collide

2013: Anything Goes | It's a Musical World

2012: Me & My Girl | Trial By Jury (The Untold Story)

2011: Patience | Lady Dingestow's Diamonds

2010: My Fair Lady | Raise the Roof

2009: Pirates of Penzance

2008: The Mikado | The Zoo

2007: Annie Get Your Gun | Trial By Jury

2006: Oklahoma | Even Educated Fleas Do It

2005: HMS Pinafore

2004: Calamity Jane

2003: The Geisha | S'Wonderful - Let's Do It

2002: Countess Maritza | Fiddler on the Roof

2001: Ruddigore | A Night at the Movies

2000: Yeoman of the Guard | Magic of the Musicals 2

1999: La Belle Helene | Magic of the Musicals 1

1998: The Grand Duke | Here's A How De Do

1997: Trial By Jury | The Merry Widow

1996: Princess Ida | Golden Age of Operatta

1995: Die Fledermaus

1994: Pirates of Penzance

1993: Iolanthe

1992: The Sorcerer

1991: Patience

1990: The Gondoliers

1989: The Mikado | Trial By Jury

1988: HMS Pinafore


We meet each Wednesday evening at 7.30 p.m. at the Methodist Hall, and are always happy to see new faces. You might enjoy what we do, so please come and meet us.

If you don't want to perform but would like to be part of a group like ours you could help with various other aspects of the productions, such as backstage, front of house or wardrobe. Why not call or drop in on a Wednesday evening. We would love to meet you.

Full Address: Monmouth Methodist Hall, St James' Street, Monmouth, NP25 3DL

Registered Charity No: 1154731

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